The TCMAS Event Committee would like to thank everyone for their support! 

Our Events have excelled to GREAT levels and this is in no small part thanks to our members and the Twin Cities Aquatic Community showing their support!

TCMAS remains strong in its mission to promote conservation of coral reefs and encourage responsible husbandry, breeding and propagation within the hobby.

Our Events are put together with the ideals of providing our aquatics community a resource to accomplish this and for spreading knowledge and experiences through which we can help each other become better, more responsible and successful enthusiasts.

Special Thanks to ALL Event Committee members for all that they bring to help create our grand and highly successful events.




Brittney (Bluegrassbert) and Erik (Jager)
Angie (acharpenter) Tim (zoolan70)
Brian (ArstenA) Sean (BlacknBlue2)
Zak (zak.payne) Dustin (cheezybudda)
Noah (Omen) Jill (Nezw0001)
Kent (Clowning Around)




Also Thanks to our BOD who also help to make these events all that they are!

Please use the links on the right navigation bar for information about upcomming TCMAS Events.

Please show your support to those who sponsor our events by visiting their websites and stores, without them TCMAS would not be able to provide GREAT events that are completely FREE to attend!

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